Maybe Noel is the Dick?

What truth does everyone know about Oasis? That Noel was the musical genius—the brains behind the operation—and his brother, Liam, was the hanger-on. The coattail-rider. The dick. Right?

Wait a minute, here. Out of the ashes of Oasis comes a new band, Beady Eye. It’s pretty much every former member of Oasis, fronted by Liam.

If Noel was the genius, why didn’t the band stick with him and hang Liam out to dry? Maybe Noel was the dick? Maybe Liam was the whole reason Oasis worked, in the first place. Maybe the rest of Oasis knew that Liam’s cocky on-stage persona was their meal ticket, and Noel’s troubled genius schtick was all cocaine and reverb.

Dick or not, I’ll give Noel his due. What’s the Story, Morning Glory is a modern masterpiece. Be Here Now isn’t far behind. Love the production on those records. And I can picture how the mixing sessions went. “Just push all those bloody fucking sliders up as loud as they’ll go, please, love. Thanks.”

Now, about this Beady Eye business. I guess it doesn’t matter which Gallagher brother is running the show—they both cop all their sounds from The Beatles. Beady Eye’s first single, Four-Letter Word, off of their debut 7-inch, is pure Live and Let Die-style McCartney. Stabbing strings and over-the-top snarl. It’s pretty good, actually. The B-side, World Outside My Room, is a When I’m 64 rip-off. Still, pretty good. New voice for Liam. I’ve never heard him do tender before.

Looking forward to the full-length. It could be a solid listen. Love the cover art.

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