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I Need to Take This Picture

Shit and ass—most pictures I find end up in Things I Saw Today posts, but, this one deserved a post all to itself. Amazing. I absolutely need to try and take this same picture the next time we head up to Cook’s Forest. Can’t wait.

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Live-Blogging My Evening

Breanne’s working late and Oskar is asleep, so, rather than flood Facebook® with dozens of status updates, I’ll get my internet over-sharing rocks off by live-blogging my evening.I’m loving Kid Rock as the annual/official headliner of the NFL Kick-Off show. This is his second year in a row doing it, right? Shit, he’s perfect for this. Too bad he doesn’t have Jamey Johnson with him, this year, like he did last year. Move over, Hank Junior.Seen Mendenhall’s Super Bowl™ fumble replayed about 5 times so far, tonight. Pretty lame. I still think they win that game, minus that fumble.Holy shit-balls. Green Bay is making this look easy. Aaron Rodgers is sharp.A delicious Red Baron® pepperoni pizza has emerged from the oven. You’re welcome, me.So, I’ve been loving this new Counting Crows live album. Just noticed—I really dig how Adam Duritz edits his lyrics to reflect where his life is at. For instance, in 1993, the ending of the album version of A Murder of One was:

I have been to Paris. I have been to Rome.
I have gone to London and I am all alone.
I’ve been to Paris. Been to Rome.
Been to New York City, and I am all alone.
I am all alone. 

Pretty typical, early-nineties, twenty-something angst. Now, in his late forties (holy crap), he’s singing:

I have been to Paris. I have been to Rome.
I have gone to London. Now, I’m coming home.
I’ve been to Paris. Been to Rome.
I’ve come to New York City, and, baby, I’m home.
And I am not alone.

Pretty nice. Some excellent positivity, there.Text from Adam. He’s definitely staying here, tonight. First guest in the new third floor guest room. He wins the bag of lizard testicles.Sweet mother of ass. What in the hot fuck is this Real Steel business I’ve just witnessed? Did they seriously make a movie out of that boxing robots game? The fuck? It just doesn’t matter anymore, does it? They’ve given up, entirely.Breanne is home. Live blog is over.

An Adam-Filled Post

Funny—I was just going to mention Adam in a post about a design I worked on, today, when, who calls me? Adam. He was in Sandusky for work and Kasey (his wife, of course) called from Virginia to tell him that their basement was pretty Biblically flooded. He’s making his way to Cleveland to rent a car and make a break for home. Asked me if he could pull over, here in Aspinwall, and crash at our place for a few hours, if need be. Most certainly. As his friend—and as a fellow homeowner—I feel what he’s going through. Basement is a bad word, man. Nightmare.

If he does stop here, it’s a shame I’m stocked with such cheap-ass beer.

Anyway, on to the post I was going to write.Any time Adam is setting cyclists on fire, you can bet I’m hard at work digitally weathering a type design to look like it was poorly screen printed in 1978. Hey, everybody’s got their go-to style, right? That, up there, is a little bit of an infographic I designed for a client, today. (I’ve cropped out the client’s logo and some other unfortunately required elements that look, well—bad.) I’m falling in love with typography, all over again, since I’ve been on this little good design roll.

Which reminds me, did you see the header on Brett’s new site? Turned out pretty rad. Simple, yet effective.

The Ferarri® is Still in the Shop

So, Sid and his doctors and Ray-Ray went on the air, today. The big concussion discussion. Sounds to me like Sid’s bell got rung a Hell of a lot harder than we all thought. But, the recovery is going well, all things considered. It’s likely he’ll play this season. Whenever, man. He can take his time. I’d rather he come back when he’s 100% and be the Sidney Crosby of old than come back at 80 or 90% and struggle. As usual, Mark Madden sums up today’s revelations perfectly here.

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Things I Saw Today

Drinking, Shelves, Frames

My birthday bash at Tom and Tud’s was indeed a success. Yes, that is a Polish flag I’m wearing. As a cape. Given to me by my glorious friends. Good times. Got some amazing birthday cards. I’m going to have to scan them and post them.

Brett’s bottles only theory seemed to stave off too massive a hang-over. Apparently, the pipes in most bar’s tap systems never get cleaned. So, all the sludge in there can go right to your brain and intensify your headache. So, if you’re planning on doing some big-time drinking, try bottles only.Since the hang-over wasn’t too debilitating, Saturday morning, I built this. A set of built-in shelves that cover the attic access in our third floor bathroom wall. Oskar will almost certainly have his mind blown, in a few years, when he discovers this. It’s totally like a secret passage. One of my favorite things I’ve built, for sure. Turned out even better than I thought it would. Looks amazing. Love my bead-board back panel. Nice detail, I think. Click to zoom in on my little time-lapse, up there.The other house project I took on, this weekend, wasn’t so necessary—it was just fun. Breanne and I have been collecting cheap, cool frames for months, planning on doing a huge wall of pictures. Finally did it. Took forever to get it laid out to our satisfaction on the floor. And even longer to get it hanging perfectly, evenly on the wall. Laser level earned it’s keep. Looks beautiful, I think. Really gives our living room some height and grandeur.

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The Big Three-Zero

Working on that sweet logo, yesterday, got me pumped to kick ass at some more lettering. Thought I’d do a nice-looking 30. Turned out just how I’d hoped. Sweet, slightly off-register screen-printed vibe.

So, how is 30 feeling, so far? Pretty uneventful. My brain isn’t processing it. The thought that keeps popping up isn’t so much a, “Holy shit, I’m 30!” thing. It’s more of a, “Holy shit! My twenties are over!” kind-of thing. Weird.

Looking forward to Tom and Tud’s, tonight. Should have a nice collection of my favorite people and many, many ice-cold beers.

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Middle-Minded Marketing

One of the nicer logos I’ve done. For a new marketing firm that IdeaMill™ (my agency) is partnered with. Middle Minded is a collective of agencies and individuals that can attack your advertising and marketing conundrums from every possible angle, both analytical and creative. Get it? Two sides of the brain? Middle-minded? There you have it.

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Oskar is a Putt-Butt