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28 Simms Redux

My old friend and roommate, Heather, is looking for a new place. Our old Mount Washington pad, 28 Simms, just became available. She’s seriously contemplating moving back. The rent is a little steeper, now, but, good God—I hope she does it. How fucking fun would it be to go up there and party like it’s 2002? Listen to a ton of Bright Eyes and act all artsy.

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The Big-Rig Truck Stop

I was doing a Google® Image search for some trucking pictures for one of our clients, TravelCenters of America™, this morning, and I stumbled across this blast from the past. The Lego® Big-Rig Truck Stop. I don’t know if it was one of my favorite sets, but, it’s one I definitely have a hilarious memory of.

It was Christmas, 1987 (give or take), and my grandparents had bought the Big-Rig Truck Stop for my oldest cousin, Brian. He couldn’t wait until he got home to build it. He put it all together, right then and there, at their house. Pretty rad set, actually. A building and three vehicles? Good stuff. The question, however—the question every kid has ask himself when he builds a new Lego® set somewhere away from home—was, Can I make it home without breaking this thing into a million (or 621, to be exact) pieces?”

Well, sometimes, the answer is, “No.”

It was Brian’s turn to suffer. Just a few steps out of my grandparents’ front door, the Big-Rig Truck Stop met it’s demise. It happened in slow-motion. When it hit the ground, it just exploded. Pieces in the garden, pieces in the grass, pieces in the driveway. It was ugly. And, to make matters worse, it was dark.

Everyone did what they could, on their hands and knees, with flashlights, in the cold, to find as many bricks and pieces as possible. But, we all knew we were fighting a losing battle. The Big-Rig Truck Stop would never be whole, again.

The following spring, my grandparents were still finding pieces of it in their flower beds. Grim reminders of the tragedy that occurred that cold, cold Christmas night.

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